Vyou Gatherings
sounds like fun. wish I lived in the US.....

Where do you live?  If you’re in the UK, maybe you’d wanna check out Ophelia’s gathering.

VYou Gatherings is for anyone planning a gathering!

If anyone is organizing a VYou gathering, feel free to submit to this Tumblr and reblog information as needed.  I’ll gladly post anything that will bring VYousers together.

Kelly Egan proposed a gathering in Los Angeles for VYousers in the western United States.   Feel free to contact her about an LA gathering.  It is also to my understanding that a massive UK gathering is in the works to be held in London.  As of now (and for a while) I will only be attending the New York gathering, if and when it happens.

If anyone else proposes anything, let me know.  Ideas are welcome.  Thank you!

(BTW, is it VYouser or VYou’er?  I heard both used with about equal frequency…)

New York City Gathering

Hi everyone, I’m Project 305, a user from Vyou.com.  Many of us have made friends with many Vyousers as the site and community continues to grow and the connections become deeper.

I am currently gauging interest and feasability of a summer gathering in New York City.  Anyone from Vyou is welcome to attend.  It will be for a weekend that is to be determined, but will most likely happen in the summertime.

If you have any ideas, questions, thoughts, or concerns, feel free to ask me.  Thank you very much.